The time is now to turn your knowledge into passive income.

Turn your skills into digital courses, ebooks, + physical books

Bosses That Teach

A beginner friendly, online, self-paced course that is perfect for anyone who wants to package up their knowledge into a digital product or physical book.

You will learn the following:

  • How to create an online course
  • How to host webinars
  • How to create eBooks
  • How to self-publish printed books

Even with my free Youtube videos, people were willing to pay.

Being a teacher was never in my plans. My goal was to sell hair extensions, make money, and to live comfortably.

I found a passion for sharing knowledge a few years ago. It all started when I shared my excitement on Youtube about how I made $35K selling hair. Within 6 months of posting that video my YouTube channel blew up. I continued to make videos and people continued to ask questions in the comments.

Even though I gave out a wealth of knowledge people had difficulty processing it all. That's when I came up with he clever idea to create a workbook. The workbook sold out when I launched it. I was shocked that people would pay me anything because I was already giving them a ton of advice for free.

Later I released webinars, eBooks, and online courses. All work as a passive income stream for me. There's nothing better than having an additional source of income that doesn't require you to lift a finger.

Is this the right fit or me?

Do people always ask you for your opinion on something? Rather they call you to ask for your world's famous sweet potato pie recipe or they are asking you for relationship advice, your insight is valuable.

Here's the deal. People have problems they need a solution for. These people have already searched Google and Youtube and they still need help. That's where you come in. You are valuable. Your experience, your background, and your knowledge can greatly help someone else.

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