The time is now to build a brand that stands out in over-saturated industries!

Branding Made Easy

A course that walks you through the steps of creating a strong brand identity.

You will learn the following:

  • How to create your brand
  • How to choose your brand values
  • How to create a brand story
  • How to create a brand name
  • Choosing brand colors
  • Creating a brand logo
  • Creating a brand voice
  • How to create a mood board

Rebranding hurt my business...

Whenever I set my mind on something I go after it. That's exactly what I did when I started my business in 2017. I wasn't educated on business but I was passionate about the industry, I had a great vendor and I knew how to use social media.

I started my business with limited knowledge and resources. Whenever I would learn something new about marketing or branding I would make changes in my business.

I've changed my prices several times. I've change my color scheme twice. I've changed my logo 6 times. I've even changed my target audience a few times.

Change is always good when you're moving in the right direction. However what I didn't know is that with each change you lose members of your audience. It creates confusion.

This is why it's important to create a strong brand identity. One that will not need a rebrand within the next several years.

What if I already have a business and I need to rebrand it?

You are in the right place. The truth is, we don't know what we are not taught. As mentioned above, I had to rebrand my business several times. The goal is to make your next rebrand, the final one. Make it one that will stand the test of time. Make it a brand that clearly represents your values. Make its a brand that attracts your dream clients to you.

Don't like online courses?

Do you hate online courses? I completely get it! I'm tired of courses that copy and paste all of their data from google. Let's not get started on courses that only give you 1 month access. How am I supposed to learn everything in one month?!?!

This is why this course was created with you in mind. I understand you have a busy schedule. I understand you want a behind the scenes view of the steps actual business owners have taken. This course does just that! This course is a self-pacedcourse. Information is broken into easy to understand modules. You have unlimited access to the course material.

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