Tired of attracting problematic customers? Having issues attracting customers altogether?

Chances are this is an issue centered around Target Audience.

Everyone keeps mentioning the importance of having a target audience but few tell you how to choose them, how to find them, or how to attract them.

Your target audience will determine how you brand and how you market your business. It's the one thing that will advance your business or destroy it.

Target Audience

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A webinar designed to help you find and attract your ideal customers.

You will learn the following:

  • What is a target audience
  • 4 Ways to find them
  • How to find a niche market
  • How to use Facebook Audience Insight to uncover information about this audience
  • How to Attract your target audience

I struggled getting customers to pay full price...

I struggled getting customers to pay full price for the first 2 years in my business. I didn't understand what was so hard about paying $45 for a 12" bundle when other companies were charging $100 for the same hair texture.

On top of my affordable prices, it seemed my customers would find any thing to complain about. I kept attracting people who were rude, people who failed to read rules and policies, and people who would make disputes. It took me 2 years to find out this was a target audience issue. In fact, I didn't even have a target audience. I believed that anyone and everyone could be my customer. I just wanted to share affordable options with the world. Little did I know this thinking hurt my business more than it could ever help it.

Choosing a specific group of people to create your brand around is essential. This webinar will explain why.

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